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Pewaukee Lake Dam - Pewaukee, Wisconsin


Pewaukee Lake Dam - Pewaukee, Wisconsin If you drive along Wisconsin Avenue in the Village of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, or stop to visit Pewaukee Lake Beach you will notice many of the site enhancements designed by R.A. Smith National’s landscape architecture team. What you will not see is the “behind-the-scenes” design efforts of R.A. Smith National’s water resources specialists to increase the spillway capacity of the dam and improve flood control.

Both of these efforts were critical to improving flood control as Pewaukee Lake is a valuable natural resource and a popular destination for the thousands of people who visit the lake every summer to swim, fish and attend various civic events such as a weekly water ski show. In addition to beautifying the beach and parkland areas, the landscape improvements were an important element in stabilizing the shoreline for erosion and flood control purposes. Landscape features included decorative stone piers, shoreline/riparian improvements, native plantings along the edge of the lake and other site amenities.

The native plantings were designed in groupings/drifts to create a bold splash of color and texture along the water edge, while maintaining lake views and pedestrian access to the water for fishing.
Interpretive signs were installed to educate the public about the benefits of the native plants and their role in habitat improvement and erosion control.

R.A. Smith National’s water resources specialists developed alternative conceptual designs that were evaluated in accordance with NR333 requirements. Hydrologic-hydraulic analyses were conducted based on the flood insurance study data and prior experience in preparing the dam failure analysis and mapping the hydraulic shadow downstream of the dam.

Successful application was made for a WDNR grant toward increasing the dam outlet capacity. Larger outlet culverts and a larger control gate were designed and the top of the dam was raised. Assistance was also provided to the Village in preparing an Inspection, Operation & Maintenance Plan and an Emergency Action Plan.

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